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need advice

hello everyone!im new on this site and happy i found this.anyway,im taking my nclex this december 4.i read saunders Q&A..is this the only book i will need to stick by now>?im preparing for nclex for 4 months now..but still im afraid to take...everytime i do my practise test i got 66 - 78%..is this a good sign that i will continue to take the nclex or need to postpone it???do i need to buy saunders comprehensive book?coz i have only saunders Q&A..thanks alot

hlfpnt, BSN, RN

Specializes in LTAC, Homehealth, Hospice Case Manager.

The Q&A book is good for practice, but the Saunder's Comprehensive Review is the best because it has all the content as well as the questions. If something is unclear, you can always go back to the chapter & read about it.

DolphinRN84, BSN, MSN, APRN, NP

Specializes in Med Surg Cardiology. Has 14 years experience.

Hlfpnt is absolutely correct. The Q&A is good for practicing questions, but I would also get the Saunders Comprehensive Review book since it has all the content you need to review. Good luck!

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