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Need Advice soon please

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by leeniebeanie_2767 leeniebeanie_2767 (Member)

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I am getting ready to take my LPN medical surgical final on Tuesday. Can anyone advise me on what to make sure I know because there are 250 questions on this final and although med-surg is huge, I was hoping if someone already took the exam they could advise what I need to concentrate more on. The body is a huge system with diseases, diagnoses, signs, symptoms, and what meds to treat them with, but I am feeling overwhelmed as I was told this exam is the "Meat and potatoes" of all tests we've already taken. It is my last final before graduation next week, and I am petrified. It is hard to remember everything there is to know, so I am praying someone can give me some tips before I head off to take this. I thank anyone's advise. THANK YOU!! -Aileen (soon to graduate and take state boards but thats the next baby step lol).

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GingerSue has 20 years experience.

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with only a couple of days remaining

I might review electrolytes, inflammation,


or pick several systems

all the best on the exam

or if you have CDs from your textbooks, go

through those and answer the questions on

the CDs for each chapter.

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