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Need Advice Please - NCLEX Test Date

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Hi Guys

I took the Live Hurst Review last week and today I am finishing going over the videos again, so basically as of tonight I will have gone of the HURST Review Book twice. Now, My NCLEX day is in exactly 10 days, so in this coming 9-10 days I want to do the 6 Q-Review HURST questions, which are basically like Question Trainers in Kaplan, I also want to do the Kaplan QBank, which is approximately 1300 questions, plus review the La Charity PDA Book.

So basically, my plan for the next 9-10 days would be the 1300 Kaplan Qbank, the 6 Q-Review from Hurst which account to [750 questions], Plus Possibly due Kaplan Q-Trainers 1-7. Now this is a lot of questions, close to 3000 questions, which if I do 300 questions per day, I would be ok. I also want to do some of the questions on La Charity PDA.

So as you can see, if I chose this, I would be doing close to 400 questions a day until a day before test day; but what if I move my test day 3 days over and decrease my pressure somewhat?

Do you guys feel I should just stick to how I am schedule the 14th of this month, or move it to the 16th-17th?

Thanks in advance,


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