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i need advice in nursing career and further study course


I am a nurse in cardiac field, currently working there nearly 1 year experienced in specifically pediatric and adult congenital heart disease ward.

Now, i am really query about my future standing in nursing career. My future plan is to further study in nursing.

My wish is to study abroad somewhere in UK. Even though, i am still new in nursing career which a lot of experience and knowledge to gain, i need to plan for next 5 year due to my contract will be due. There are plenty of time to think about it, and i'm just need to know what course that really suit with experiences and my working field. But i do not plan to be a tutor/mentor or sort of like teaching.

From now and onward i want to focus it and also to empower my English especially communication skill.

I do not know whether i should go for degree course or specialize course in cardiac nursing.

From your study prospectus, what do you can give recommendation on nursing course for me.