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Need Advice: Moving from the Virgin Islands 2 Florida

I am a newly registered nurse and not wanting to work in the Virgin Islands. I had plans to move to Florida or Atlanta but now I am scared because theres so much hospitals and places I don't know. Can anyone shade some light on the matter? Please I need advice:uhoh3:

Why the sad face? Florida is a huge state and there are always plenty of opportunities for nurses all over so you won't have any problems finding a job.

Do you have any specific place in mind?

I am totally confused because florida is so huge. Thinking about Tampa or Jacksonville but is there any opportunities for training for a novice registered nurse.

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You might try looking for placement or check out jobs online. I'm in the Tampa area. Here's a link to a few of the hospitals that might be interested in hiring and training you:

Tampa General Hospital (Level 1 Trauma):


Bayfront (Level II trauma):


Baycare Health System:


University Community Hospital:


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