need advice for college decision plz!


okay so my 3 choices were LaGuardia CC, Bronx CC and Queensborough CC. i did not like Laguardia CC so i have cut them out of my options... It is now between Bronx CC and Queensborough CC, i went to visit both of the colleges the other day and i ended up really like Queensborough CC it was very diverse they had a nice campus and I've heard good reviews about there nursing program.. Now with Bronx CC... well what can i say its the bronx! lol i didnt really like it there but they had a beautiful campus however i did not hear good reviews on BCC if anything it was very few reviews that were good that i have read... i am stuck i want to pick QCC but i wanted some input from other students that have or attend these two colleges.. i NEED to make my decision before May 1st ! so i need to make my decision QUICK! i would REALLY appreciate your answers.

Thank You


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