Need advice on case management specialty



I have been a nurse for a number of years but am in an area that is not conducive to traveling. I want to eventually travel but I'm most interested in doing Case Management. Are there any Case Managers who travel that can give me any advice? Are there many opportunities or would it be better for me to go in another direction. Thanks!!


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No, there are not a lot of opportunities for case managers compared with say, ED nurses. However, you can travel and there are enough assignments to keep you busy year round. You may have to stick to the really large agencies to keep working though, smaller agencies may not have enough job orders. Locations will be fewer than larger specialties as well.

Personally, I think you should go for specialties that you find professionally satisfying. Case management is often 95% or more shuffling paperwork. Think about shadowing for a day to see if it is appealing.

Sometimes you may have to settle if you need a less physically demanding specialty of course.

Thanks! I appreciate your feedback! Good food for thought.