Where oh where...

  1. My youngest just graduated H.S. and after raising many kids for many yrs. I'm feeling a need for change!

    Where are the good places for an RN to live and work in NE.? Right now I do both in a very rural area. I'd have no objections to living in larger communities with ammenities for shopping, dining, and entertainment.
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  3. by   KurtNIN
    Lincoln is nice. There are a lot of places looking for nurses right now, and it has a small town feel (probably not as much as your rural area, but it's not a huge city).
    Check it out, Kearney is a nice too, but it does not have as many amenities.
  4. by   sister--*
    Yep, I've been thinking of both.

    With a child at UNK I'm quite fond of just how clean and progressive Kearney is. And, I don't think you can go too wrong in a college town.

    Except... With two other kids at Hastings CCC I know I don't want to be there.

    I'll have to give Lincoln some additional thought.