Is clarkson reputable?

  1. I am thinking of completing my MSN through Clarkson online. I currently live in FL. The school seems to have good reviews but the name doesn't make it sound very legit. I'm wotried that if I get my degree that people may not hire me because or the name (never heard of it or its a college vs university situation).

    I've never seen the campus. How is it? Has anyone completed any graduate education though Clarkson?
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  3. by   luvmyc
    Yes Clarkson is completely legit. I'm not sure why you're questioning the name? If I remember correctly, Bishop Clarkson hospital was founded in the early 1900's. Several years ago, Clarkson hospital merged with the University of NE Medical Center. When I lived in Omaha, I went to PT there. When I originally started nursing school in 2003, I started at Clarkson. Great experience, I just ended up finishing elsewhere in Omaha later on due to life circumstances. But yes, completely reputable.
  4. by   hotpinkkel
    Thanks for the response! I'm from a different state so I've never heard of it before.
  5. by   luvmyc
    You're very welcome!
  6. by   JessIsOK
    Yep, Clarkson is a great school, and is definitely well-known in this area for their quality nursing programs.