Creighton ABSN Spring 2017

  1. Hi!! I was recently admitted to Creightons ABSN program at the Hastings campus for Spring 2017. Is anyone else planning to attend? Do any graduates of the program have any advice/ tips on what to expect or how to prepare? Thank you!
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  3. by   JessIsOK
    Hi there! I'm also looking into an ABSN (but I'm in Omaha) and had an opportunity to talk in some depth with someone who got their ABSN through Creighton. I would imagine that the curriculum is identical at both campuses, so here's what I've been told about it:

    1. It IS a lot of work, but it's doable for a year.
    2. You won't have much spare time--you'll be at school during the day and at night, you're prepping for the next day.
    3. You won't really get to work ahead on stuff. You'll have so much to do that basically you'll only be able to prep for the next day, but not really ahead.

    Ummm, I'm trying to think what else we discussed, but if you want more info, I can put you in touch with the gal that I got this info from.

    Good luck!

  4. by   LSimpson12

    I am planning to start the Omaha program this fall. Can you tell me more about your experience? Would you recommend this program? Thank you!