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    I recently moved to NE, and have begun to go back to school. I have a good deal of my general education classes done, and will soon be looking to go on to my nursing classes. My largest question has been.... do I need to be state certified as a CNA to take nursing classes? I have taken a 75 hr cna class but I am not currently certified. Does this matter, or can I continue on with my education?

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  3. by   MzRN2B
    There are only some schools that require you to be a CNA to apply. Metro is one of them. This is because they do their program on a ladder system. CNA, then LPN, then RN. Iowa Western is the same way. Other schools like Nebraska Methodist, UNMC, College of Saint Mary, etc, do not require you to be a CNA.
  4. by   stirlingk
    Thanks for the reply. That was very helpful!