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2nd time test taker.........I passed!!!!!!!!!

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This was my second time in taking this test and believe me I studied my butt off. I used Saunder's third edition and I signed up for Kaplan Q Bank and also I used the random fact throwing on this website too. I graduated Aug. 2008 and took my first test Oct. 28 and did all 205 questions and was devastated to find out that I failed and was ashamed especially when my friends all passed. But I made my mind up I was not going to give up and rescheduled my test for the 2nd time only to reschedule it again because I was afraid of failing again and I felt I wasn't ready. But I took the test Feb.25 and found out today I passed with 135 questions. I want to thank everyone on this website for the encouragement not to give up and thank you God for answering my prayers. I am now a LPN-IV certified :nurse:


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Congratulations and good luck in your new career

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