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2nd hand CRNE exam prep books ??


Hi guys,

I know that their are only a few books on the market and they are quite expensive :down:

But after you pass the exam you surely don't need the books again so their should be lots of 2nd hand books :up:

Does anyone know where you can buy 2nd hand books (hopefully on the net as i am still in the UK) ??


NotReady4PrimeTime, RN

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There are already a couple of threads where this has been answered. Have you looked for them?

For those who are tempted, please don't offer to sell the OP your copy on the public pages of the site. If you want to enter into a private arrangement that's fine, but please keep it private. Our private messaging system is a good way of sharing that sort of information and still remain anonymous. Thanks for your consideration.


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Oops...didn't read the second message.

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