nclexRNsecond attempt in 4days


I used exam cram the first time and lacharity but didn't do any practice test=failed.

started studying off and on since august27 but got seriously focused since september 8 while doing my kaplan review.

I study anywhere btw 4 to 8 hours a day roughly.I did 80% of qbank for kaplan and did all the trainers except trainer7.I also took the sample tests and read the kaplan book by Barbara Ewing for review,answered all the questions in study mode only for that scores for kaplan are not encouraging but i atleast know it is test taking and not content.I read some 8 chapters from exam cram but i wasnt reaining much so i started taking qbank from kaplan.I read alittle bit of kaplan ebook as well.I watched some of the content video and made flash card for infection control and review cram sheet by exam cram everynight after studying since two weeks ago.

What do you guys think?i need some encouragement.i was close to cancelling my exam today but i asked myself for what?i keep thinking maybe i need to study more because i am scared but really,i can only review till next week.If you believe in prayer,please pray for me and if you can,wish me goodluck as i need both.