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NclexBOOTCAMP DAY 2 updates


In DAY 2 of the Nclex Boot camp we are going to start a 100 Block of Nclex questions (Pharmacological and Parenteral Therapies) we will allocated a max of 3 hours that includes doing the block and reviewing all rationales, then we will get ready for the next block in a different client need category. Our target is to do 300 questions per day!!! for a total of 3000 questions. I estimate that by days end tommorrow we will have hit every client area category...thats a total of almost 700 questions!!! from there we will start taking Nclex Comprehensive exams from all areas of client needs!!! Again u r free to use any review software i.e hurst, saunders, kaplan, hesi etc. the next BLOCK starts in 15 mins at exactly 9AM central standard time. Every body is welcome!!!!! This Nclex boot camp is intended for motivational purposes only. Get your coffee ready the second block for day 2 will start at exactly noon!!!!! We can do it Guys,,,,,stay focused, stay motivated...

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