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Just finished my nclex pn! Stopped at 85. Had majority select all that apply probally only 1 or two multiple choice between each one! Im so nervous. Did the pvt. But just ended my test 2 hours ago. Got the red alert button saying unable to reguster already had scheduled exam. Good sign? Or too soon? I hear from nurses and our intructor very good sign?? Aghhhh freaking out!


Has 4 years experience.

Congratulations! I've never heard of anyone who got the good pop up and failed.

How was your experience? I take mine next Wednesday, super nervous! I'm sure you passed!

I hope so. Still waiting. I just want that letter and to see my license number! Aghhh

i took nclex-pn today and my computer stopped at 105.. i think i failed.. i only have 1 computation but a lot of SATA questions. i am not confident after the test. my results will be available after 2 days so im going insane now..