Nclex 2014+


My friend took her RN boards for the state of Florida on June 6th. She did the nclex pop up trick and the pop up came up for her. it worked, but her name doesn't come up in the FLDOH license look up website. Is this a new thing for the new nclex? does it take a while to register? my license was up the day after I passed my boards..

I live in florida. Tell her sign into her account she made with the FLBON, if she passed it will give her the ability to print a temp license. I couldn't find my name on the website till 48hrs..She took it on friday give them till tomorrow they are pretty fast, plus it their busy season.

Has 1 years experience.

her license is up!! she passed with 250 questions!! OMG I'm soo excited for her! I admit I was scared over the weekend cuz it took so long for it to go up but I'm soo happy for her!!!!! :D