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NCLEX on 6/14

Ive been studying since graduation and I am pretty much tired of studying. I am curious what you all think about what I should do with my final days of preparation for the NCLEX and weather or not I am ready for this test. I have prepared with Saunders and kaplan mainly.

My kaplan scores are as follows

Diagnostic: 61

Readiness: 65








I plan on doing about 50-100 questions per day and going over the all nurses study guide in my remaining days before the big test. Any input and help would be greatly appreciated. I am getting nervous!

I used the Hurst Review and that alone and passed the NCLEX for RN the first go! Make sure you get plenty of rest! Best of luck!!!

I appreciate hearing how others study, so thank you! I'm taking mine as well on the 14th. Good luck to you! I've been studying with Saunders, did the NCSBN NCLEX review & LaCharity Prioritization, Delegation & Assessment. I plan on just answering questions regarding content I am less confident with & reviewing a few others items such as lab values, etc.


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