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NCLEX study guides

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I will be taking the NCLEX exam in a few months (once I pass 4th semester). And I'm terrified. I've maintained great grades in my RN classes but I'm still apprehensive when it comes to this test.

I have started using the HURST review and attended the 3 day session over the summer.

Has any one else used this system, if so how did it or did not help with preparation for the NCLEX?

I found Hurst helpful for reinforcing content. Also their "extra materials" for the online course was extremely helpful. Could I have passed boards without it? More than likely. But, it gave me a sense of guidance and confidence that I really needed. What specific questions do you have?

I am also using Hurst review, so far I feel it's preety useful but let see I will come to know after I give the exam.