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Hi all,

So... i'm a little nervous!! I took my NCLEX exam today and it shut off after 75 questions, i got about 25 select all that apply questions. I just feel like it wasn't as horrible and hard as I had expected (although, I was expecting a horrible grueling exam!) I always did good in school, averaging from a A->B grade in the majority of classes and have been studying for the past few weeks with practice questions pretty intensely.

Has anyone from MA been able to see if they had a license posted on the gov license check website before the results were posted in 48 hours?

I am to nervous to try the PVT pop up trick, don't want to be charged an extra 200$!

Thanks all :)


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If you think it went well and had 75 questions, you most likely passed. Also, I don't think you'll get charged 200.. If you passed it won't let you get to the screen where you pay, if I remember correctly.

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Good luck