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NCLEX-RN on Thursday

by runner2153 runner2153 (New) New

I'm taking NCLEX-RN Thursday. Here are my Kaplan scores:

QBank Average: 74%

Diagnostic Test: 63%

Readiness Test: 69%

QT1: 60%

QT2: 61%

QT3: 64%

QT4: 57%

QT5: 61%

QT6: 63%

QT7: 61%

I'm a little worried that NONE of the my question trainers are above 65%, like Kaplan wants you to be. Advice????

I have the same results to... in the Kaplan trainer I averaged 50-60% I took it again and obviously got better results. I'm taking the exam this Thursday also... I'll pray for us all, God bless in your exam

Thanks. Good luck to you, too!

goodluck to us guys,mine ranges from 55-60%.. i hop we pass!!

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I only got over 65% on one q trainer. My q bank ave was 62%...I passed last month w/75....and I found NCLEX to be most like kaplan...one question was almost identical...you'll be fine.

i have my kaplan trainer 2002 is it ok? is it the same with the 2007 edition? thanxs!

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