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NCLEX RN study group (international)

by Tahani15 Tahani15 (New) New

Hi all

my name is Tahani from Dubai

I took the NCLEX exam and failed however I am retaking the NCLEX in few months using keplan test question banks and NCLEX RN Examination 6th edition (Saunders)

i am interested in joining a study group, therefore if anyone is interested please reply here


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Hi everybody, I am Anoop Kumar from India.. Working as registered nurse/Nursing tutor from 2007.. I am looking for NCLEX RN exam candidates looking to have combined study with me via Skype or similar audio platforms. My plan is to work in Ireland not US, though I wish to improve and upgrade/keep my knowledge like in NCLEX RN level, before moving there.. Skype ID anoopathiranoop, gmail-anoopmysticrose@gmail.com..