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NCLEX RN study group Baltimore

mpdallam mpdallam (New) New

Hi! I have taken the Nclex RN exam twice, 265 questions the first time and 75 the second time. So I really need to change my approach. If there's anyone in the Baltimore area that would like a study buddy or to start a study group with me I would really appreciate it!

Hello, I know I am a bit late but I am wondering if you are still looking for a study partner. Let me know. Thanks!

hi! i actually have my third attempt scheduled for the end of december and I'm doing a kaplan online/classroom course. where are you in your studying, just started or farther in like me?

I'm looking for a study partner as well! I'm doing my exam in January :)

RNN7 are you in baltimore also!?

I'm in Canada. But we can do Skype :)