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NCLEX RN results

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so I took my NCLEX RN exam yesterday at 8 AM after only 76 questions. I immediately did the PVT and got the bad pop up. Sigh. I did the same trick when I sat for my LPN boards and got a good pop up so I feel fairly confident that the trick is accurate. Does anyone know how long it will take to get results, Virginia does not participate in "quick results"?

I wonder if testing on a weekend will extend the wait time?

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So, did it charge you? Everybody is saying to wait 24 hours minimum because the test is graded twice. I wonder if you might even want to wait a little longer since you tested on the weekend, and I'm not certain if the second review takes place outside of regular business hours. I tried the "trick" after 24 hours, and it was accurate for me, but I wouldn't count on it 100%. Good luck!