NCLEX-RN 'Quick Results' on weekends?


Hello all!

I took my NCLEX-RN (NYS) for the first time this morning and now, like many, am anxiously awaiting to get my 'Quick Results' online.

My question is - I took the test at 0800 this morning. Will I be able to view the results on Saturday at 0800? Or are weekends no included?

Also, all my friends who are already RNs keep mentioning the 'Pearson Vue Trick'... Does anyone have any recent experience doing this? If so, did it work?

Thanks for your help!


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For all those who may come across this... Pearson Vue is updated 48 hours after every exam - regardless of when you took the test (weekends, holidays, whenever).

I did not try the PVT, however, so I am not sure the success on that...