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NCLEX - RN, confuse.. pls. help

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I just want to ask few concerns about the NCLEX - RN registration process in Pearson Vue... I have my eligibility letter already, and I already registered for an ATT in Pearson, but haven't recieved an email from Pearson regarding my registration and ATT.

I was a bit concern in my registration because the address entered in my application for NCLEX in California which was passed in CA-BON is different from the one I passed in Pearson for ATT via email... Will the Pearson Vue automatically changed my address to my current one? by the way, my current address is the one I entered in my registration in Pearson...

and one more thing..., how long does it take to recieve my ATT via e-mail... I'm just worried that I haven't received any e-mails from Pearson...

Thanks and I hope you can help me about my concerns... I really need help right now...

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