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NCLEX-RN on Aug 3


Hi there, I am an RN from Nepal (South-Asia). Graduated 2011. I moved countries and worked as an administrative officer in an eye surgeon's office. Never worked as an RN. I have applied for the NYC board and have my NCLEX August 3rd week. However, I live in the Bay Area, CA. I was hoping to know what are my chances of landing a job? I am very inclined to Ante-partum, L&D, Postpartum area as that is where I am confident. (During 2 months of exposure, did 40 deliveries independently, and 10 under supervision. Have seen Pre and Eclampsia, Breach Vaginal Delivery, Forceps and Vaccum Delivery, Still Birth, Abortions, PPH and all, you name it but I don't think SEEING these 5 yrs ago is going to boost up my chances. I know where I stand)Which is why, I am worried that after all these, I may not land any job at all. I would work and take any job I get that is if I get one. Any experiences with job hunt from foreign nurse graduated yrs ago and no experience? Any experience that is close would help.