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NCLEX reviewing materials in GUAM

theterbs theterbs (New) New

So, i graduate back in 2015, became an RN in the philippines by feb 2016 and after a long battle with cgfns, im weeks away from take the nclex. the problem is i cant find any reviewing materail on guam except for kaplan, which in my opinion has poor rationales. So does anyone know where i could get saunders comprehensive rn review, mosbys pharmacology cards and Lacharity Prioritization, delegation and assessment books?

Hey Im filipino too...You can get through Amazon. I bought Saunders and other books from there and also it was fast delivery.

Sign up for prime, you'll get your books in 2 days.

Don't take the prime unless you are willing to pay the annual fee....but I think you are given an free month to take the trial and then if you don't like it you can cancel the prime before it expire.

yup, they have a 30-day free trial, just dont forget to cancel


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