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NCLEX review for MAC!


So I love the NCLEX 3500 but unfortunately it dose not run on my mac. This is the only type of computer I have. Does anyone know of either a way to get this CD to work on my Mac, OR a similar CD NCLEX review that is broken down by systems and has rationales?

All advice is greatly appreciated!


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Have you checked to see if the store has the newer version in a Mac format?

The only problem is I can't find an actual physical copy of it, I would have to buy it online and it doesn't say that it's Mac compatible... does anyone out there have it and use it on their mac???

most nclex cds i used stopped working when updated my os to leopard.. maybe thats the problem. i had to use my parents pc if i wanted to practice my nclex cds.

I'm having the same issue. I bought NCLEX 4000, and it's not compatible w/MAC's either. :-(

Frustrated... :-(

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