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NCLEX Review Books??


I was wondering if you guys had any recommendations on some good review books with questions & answers for NCLEX. I am still having difficulty with the style, and want to work on this! Any good books you have found that have helped you? THANKS!

Everyone likes something different, it seems. What ppl in my class said to do: Get a group of 6 students together. Each buy a different book. Make 5 copies of it and trade with the other 5 people. Then you all have 6 review books, total. But finding time to actually look at them might be real difficult, lol.

I used Lippincott Q&A for the Nclex RN and Prioritization, Delegation & Assignment by Lacharity. Both were good books and very helpful. Lippincott's had several questions that were harder and more specific. Lacharity is a great book for prioritizing and delegating type questions (which makes up a good chunk of the exam if you look at the blueprint). The Lacharity book is a must.

Good luck on your exam!


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