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NCLEX Results

by Nurse guy Nurse guy, RN (New) New

Hi, I took NCLEX today. Computer cut me off after 60 questions. I did Pearson Vue trick 4 hours later and got a "good pop-up". What are the chances that I passed? Thank you!

There are so many threads about the Pearson vue trick. Literally nobody can tell you if you passed. The trick is not 100% accurate. My friend did the trick last week and it said that she failed but in reality she passed. Just wait the 48 hours and see your quick results. These questions are actually kind of annoying. What the heck do we know about whether you passed or not?

There is a very good chance u passed. Fingers crossed for u!

Update: I passed. This is probably one of the happiest days of my life. Feel so excited!

Congratulations! Its the best feeling!!

5 minutes ago, katy8301 said:

Congratulations! Its the best feeling!!

Thank you so much!