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Hi everyone,

Soon to be new grad RN ? just curious how long did it take to get your key to test for the NCLEX after graduation? My paperwork is all submitted. The BON is just waiting for my transcripts.

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I don't remember it being an issue, so I imagine it was quick enough in Texas ten(ish) years ago. Different states have different speeds, of course.

Some BONs may still be covid-affected and slower than usual, as well.

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What state are you in?

I just graduated in December and people from my cohort had very different wait times depending what state they applied for licensing in. Fastest were just a few days (RI, MI), but some took multiple months (SC, OH).


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Im in NH

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Each State is different - and since a lot of the BON employees are working from home - things are running a bit slower than normal. 

You should get your ATT within a couple weeks at the most. If you don't hear from them - then call them and/or send them emails. 

If you need help preparing for the NCLEX - I can help!


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