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NCLEX prep

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Hello fellow nurses ,

I am Ann from India ,completed my bachelors nursing in 2011 and thereafter woked as a staff nurse then got married and moved to the states . I did appear for the NCLEX examination first time but did not clear , I am very scared to reappear . This year I have decided to give the examination , can youll please help me on the study preparation and hown do I make sure I know the content really well.

Thank you

dalgo11, ADN, CNA, RN

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Since you already took the NCLEX, you have an idea of what it entails. Most of us that are in the process of testing have researched some of the NCLEX review books to see what suits us. You may also want to try either U WORLD, Hurst, or Kaplan review. Good luck to you!

Best book I had for NCLEX was Lacharities Prioritization And Delegation, along with the strategies section from ati, and a easy to read book called Freys 3000 bullets. You may want to just Google some pharm flashcards for free. And don't study the day before the test, a fresh mind will go farther than trying to study what you already should know by now.