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Hey everyone!

So I just recently took my NCLEX PN and I feel like I failed! I went all the way to 205 and I tried the PVT and it gave me the bad popup. I used UWorld and The Saunders book. If I did, does anyone have any tips on how I could better study for my second try? I would appreciate any words of wisdom right now! I feel like a failure ?


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Hopefully you passed and you don't need this info.

But...I have not taken the NCLEX as yet. I have 6wks left in Nursing school. But maybe you should consider reviewing content in your weaker areas and do more practice questions. Do not study what you already know! Also use other resources like RemarNurse on Youtube; she is an amazing NCLEX instructor.

I wish you all the best on your next try.

You got this!

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