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Hi guys,

I am starting to study to take the nclex-pn and would like to know if any of you could recommed a book for me to study from, and also what to expect on the test. I dont know anyone who has taken this exam, so I'm kind of nervous about it.


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Saunders only is Okay! I have the 4th version. And pray pray pray. Ull passed!

Hey, crtitical thinking is KEY! Learn your lab values and basic fundamentals!

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This is an option, however, not viable for everyone. After I graduated from PN, I didn't study at all. I am not saying that I am super smart by any means, I just knew that I had busted my butt in school and I knew the stuff. I only did practice questions. Maybe, 20 a day to stay sharp. Fundamentals is key. If you have access to ATI tests, utilize those and make sure to read the rationales. You got this!

Thank you all soo much!!!! :)

My NCLEX felt like an ATI assessment. I hated ATI though.