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Nclex PN 8/25/2014

MadamePie MadamePie (New) New

I took the Nclex PN today. I got booted at the minimum amount of questions. 85 questions! I was so happy for it to be over. Now I just have to wait since the PVT doesn't work anymore...

Well, out of the 85q I got 20+ SATA, 3 order, and 1 picture. Afterwards, I felt so good... I was on cloud 9, despite the fact that I didn't know 1/2 of the test. The questions that I had answered pretty sure/ absolutely sure usually resulted in a sata question. Every 2-3 questions was a sata. Now 4 hours later, I'm feeling like I just collided with the earth.

Have you ever experienced this, and did it result in a pass or fail?

(and to those who haven't taken it yet, Good LUCK!)