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NCLEX PN stopped at 85 questions!

jackables jackables (New) New

Hey everyone! My first post here :)

i took took my Nclex exactly one week ago for the second time. The first time I got 205 questions and failed, the second time I got 85 questions and still awaiting my results :o

as much as I want to do the pearson vue trick, I'm just so scared. I did it the first time and kept getting the CC page. My anxiety level is going crazy now. I just want my official results!

I got about 20 SATA, 2 meds, 2 math, tons of prioritizing. I've been hoping and praying to get a PASS! I studied so hard and would hate to see all my hard work go to waste...

i'm hopeful that I did better the second time around! Wish me luck