i saw a lot of messages requesting my notes and tips.. i am a second attempt test taker and God made me pass at the golden 75th question..:rolleyes: so i would like everyone to pray earnestly and seek HIS help and do hard work and success will surely follow... i had first four categories below passing level and last four categories near passing level and failed at 75 questions.. so you knw how terribly i failed at my first attempt.. the reason for my failure was taking nclex as easy and not taking any review classes..

WHAT i did::

signed up for KAPLAN CLASSROOM EVERYWHERE- 418 bucks..[which really helped me:yeah:]

sticked to the Kaplan schedule and made a ton of notes because as u write things down u are actually registering it in your mind

regularly went to the library reading room and spent 8 hours there.. which made sure that i was concentrating on NCLEX and didnt have any distractions.. bcoz im a person who gets easily distracted and tempted to other things:writing:

im a facebook addict but deactivating fb for my first attempt didnot help me much :no:whereas this time i got a lot of support from my kaplan group on fb

read the kaplan book which is available for free on amazon

made notes for medications, common conditions and important points and especially labs... i mugged all the values by giving funny names to them and wrote them everyday

ignored everything at home.. dint tell my test dates to anyone.. not even my parents or inlaws... :no:

ate a lot [healthy and unhealthy things]:yes:

below are some few links which helped me register some confusing things like

1. immunization schedule

. ECG practice

3. youtube cartoon videos on parkinsons and alzeihmers which you will get easily by searching


1. saunders review book.. read for once but was lot of material..dint help much

2. kaplan - everything helped

3. hurst videos- really helped me to grasp things every easily.. that lady is realy entertaining and you dont feel bored and tired


My schedule

solved atleast 100-150 questions a day along with reviewing the questions and finding why i was wrong and after that read some topics which i was weak in

donot burden yourself .. and dont try to do 200 and 300 questions becz u wont be able to review all of them in depth and wont have time to do some content

did a lot of questions in areas of weakness and made them my strengths..

i went through my notes again and again which nailed them in my brain..

understood the basic mechanism of our body systems and the expected outcomes

its ok to be anxious .... till the last minute before the test i was anxious and felt that i havent prepared anything good for the test.. its completely fine.. you wont fail because of test anxiety.. make sure to dress appropriately which makes u feel confident and happily enter the center and smile at everyone.. take lot of breaks .. [i took 4 breaks in 3hrs of 75 Q which was a lot] take a snack and water with you. take headache meds, nausea meds, and diarrhoea meds.. i had a migraine onset toward the end of the test .. thats when i ran and took a break and excedrin.. washed my face with cold water and then i was able to focus back. i viewed the questions looking for whats correct and whats wrong and selected the best answer by critically analysing each one. i wrote the conditions with pathos in the doodle sheet and worked my answer through them. i nearly used 2 doodle sheets and titled them with the verse: IF GOD IS WITH US WHO CAN BE AGAINST US .. which really gave my confidence a boost...

im attaching some of my notes here. i dont knw how much they are going to be useful. let me know if any help is required from my part.. i have gone through the feeling of helplessness from failure and completely understand your emotions.. YOU CAN DO THIS !!!!!

all conditions.doc


meds sideeffects1.docx

LabValues[1]nclex review2.docx



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Thank you!


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thanks so much



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Thank u , will u plse suggest how to read for meds my exam date is too near and it's getting hard for me.



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Congratulations, well deserved. Thanks for the notes, please send me message to, I want to ask you a question. Thanks



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make easy pneumonics for the side effects for each category and it will be easy.. study the dietary restrictions for certain drugs like MOAIs

Thank u , will u plse suggest how to read for meds my exam date is too near and it's getting hard for me.


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Thank you so much.I failed in the first attempt and I want to start again.I was weak at some weird questions about procedure such as urinary catheterization .I was not sure about the order of doing this procedure because the reference of nursing procedure(Taylor ,fundamental of nursing) that we had in university was different from the one on those question.What is the best reference for nursing procedure?

I also need a good reference for medication.I have Saunder's at home and I practiced Q-bank Kaplan,but it was not enough .I heard about ATI series ,what's your suggestion? I have also Lippincott Q and answer.I appreciate if you can guide me.:up:



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jechro.08 please email me at jonesmike899@gmail.comI have something to tell you and ask you before you go job hunting. Please it is very IMPORTANT!!!


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Just a friendly admin note: AN does NOT endorse any set of notes, study guides, etc.

It is ALWAYS better to go to a standardized source such as Saunders, Kaplan, etc.



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Remain strong God will see you through. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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I had the same score with my first attempt..hoping this time i will have the same fate as yours :)

Btw.. How long did u prepare for you 2nd exam?!



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Hello I was wondering how to study. I have been out of nursing school for a year. I decided to attend graduate school for my masters. Now I am starting to study for my boards. What would you suggest? I am so nervous and feel over whelmed. I am older and finally got my children moved out of my house. I am currently working but not in the nursing field. Yes God is good all the time please help. Oh congrats on passing...