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NCLEX LPN on Nov.4 2009

WOW:twocents::twocents::sniff:... where should i start i graduated LPN school August 13 2009 all of my friends in school who took there NCLEX and passed with 85 question, i am very nervous to the point where i cannot focus to study anymore... I have been studying extra hard this past month and before just reg. Im just so worried i dont want to be the only one who does not pass and screw up our school 100% Passing rate:cry:... What should i do take it easy until my tesr and study my labs again before i go to testing CEnter? Should i study more or RElax? im so anxious i can feel my heart beating out my chest! is there any insight on the others that have passed The NCLEX of what i should focus on and how to enhance my test exp/ soon ... THANKS DO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP IN ADVANCE!!!!!:heartbeat CANNOT FOCUS SCARED TO DEATH!:angryfire


Specializes in L & D, Med-Surge, Dialysis.

I'll put you in prayer. Wish you all the best!


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