NCLEX: Do I HAVE to have UWORLD/Klimek

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Hi Friends,

I graduated Nursing school and I am extremely strapped for cash. I'm a Nurse Extern but every time I pick up shifts I get called off due to low census including when I try to pick up on other floors. I feel as though there's a lot of pressure to buy all of these resources and I just cannot afford to do that between bills and paying the licensure fees at the moment.

If I have a Saunders review book and YourBestGrade that I used to study for the Hesi, do you think I'll be okay? I know that many nurses suggest UWORLD and Klimek, but in all honesty, as much as I'd love to do them I just don't have the means. On the Exit Hesi, it took me two tries because my class needed a 900. The first time I got an 897 and the second a 908. Do you think I'll be okay?

Also does anyone have any suggestions?


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Everyone has their own style and circumstances around preparing for the NCLEX. Only you will know when you are ready and have adequately prepared.

There are so many review courses, preparations, etc. You have people that swear by Kaplan, love UWorld, love Saunders, everyone has their favorite review. Stick with one, and use it.

If you still have access to the HESI, do practice questions on their website. Also there is a link for Mark's lectures, they are helpful.



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I listened to Klimek lectures. I also did NCSBN nclex prep, which is $75 for five weeks. NCSBN has about the same amount of questions as UWorld. I prepared religiously for about 3 weeks and I passed my NCLEX in 75 questions. My school paid for hurst review right after graduation. I tried to do the question bank after starting NCSBN, but the questions were soooo different, I stopped...I never completed one full assesment. I say all of this to say, whatever you choose,stick with it and be committed.

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I never used UWorld and still passed the NCLEX in 75 questions. My school used ATI, so I used that, and I bought a Kaplan review book per my prof’s recommendation. That’s all I used for NCLEX prep after graduation.


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I exclusively used Saunders and some ATI practice exams I had access to from nursing school and I passed on my first try without issue!

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I really really enjoyed Mark Klimek's lectures. I passed in 75 questions after his review.

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My school used ATI, and PrepU. We also did the ATI Greenlight and had to get Greenlight to get our ATT. We had a 3 day ATI live review prior to starting Greenlight, then had 4 weeks to complete it. I used ATI and PrepU to create quizzes while waiting for my test date, doing about 100 questions a day. I passed NCLEX at the 75 mark. As my instructor liked to tell us....."I've had you answering thousands of questions for 3 semesters, I don't think any of you need to be buying reviews to pass the NCLEX."


We all have our own belief systems, so be advised—I wish I had been—that Mark Klimek and his cohort are evangelical Christians. They believe in traveling to countries racked by poverty and converting the populace.

I recently attended the Klimek course here in Southern California. It was held at Biola University: another institution built on proselytization. Within the first five minutes of class the instructor evoked the name “Jesus” three times. In the next five minutes she tried to sell us an app for $60 or $70. This, after we had given them close to $400 for the class. Jesus and money. Money and Jesus. Some things never change.

And she was invoking Jesus as the entity that had arranged for our books to be at the printers on time. I’m not an evangelical Christian, but do people really believe that Jesus is involved in the production and distribution of xeroxed nursing materials?

I am so sad that money of mine is going to damage the lives of people in developing countries. I lived and worked in Africa for a number of years and saw first hand the harm wrought by most missionaries.

If you are considering a class with these people, be informed. (I am sure that many people will be overjoyed, and others, like me, will be appalled.) Go to the website for the academic institution where Klimek is based—Cedarville University—and read the lengthy and bizarre statement every employee must sign every year. They teach science but believe in a literal creation story. They are almost 100% white. And here, at Biola University, they are proud of their work to convert Jews.

Jesus, have mercy.



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You don't need UWorld to practice for the NCLEX. Reason there is a bunch of NCLEX resources is so students have different ways on how to prepare according to their needs. I've used Saunders/NCSBN, UWorld/Saunders and the last attempt I used Hurst Review which worked out for me. Yes it's expensive however; you can get a payment plan if that's more affordable for you. Whatever resource you choose, stick to one or two and go with it. Don't overwhelm yourself with multiple resources because that will lead to anxiety and as if the NCLEX doesn't cause enough anxiety already. Good luck!



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Honestly, in my opinion, I swear by Kaplan and Lipincott. People have a hard time with Kaplan, but it's because all of their qbank questions and trainor's 4-7 are NCLEX pass level questions, so yea it is really hard. In my experience, Linpincott and Kaplan are taught at a higher level of thinking, and if you can get onboard with it, and pass with 60% you are almost guaranteed 1st time pass in 75q. Everyone is different though..

For me, Saunders is way too easy, I have known several who have failed ONLY using Saunders. I had a ton of typos and misinformation in my Saunders text as well.

I hear good things about UWORLD< but they aren't cheap. There is a reason most schools use Kaplan, lol...but you have to figure out which level of madness you are willing on embark on ?

May the odds be ever in your favor

HESI recommends a 900 and above to pass the NCLEX so I think you’re on the right track!