Worried that I haven't studied enough for NCLEX... Exam next week

  1. Hi everyone,

    I can't sleep, I can hardly eat. If I do sleep, I dream about failing NCLEX. I feel terrible. My exam is scheduled for July 29th. I have done a Kaplan and an ATI review course. All I have been doing up until now are questions. Questions, questions, questions and rationales. I think I made a mistake by doing only questions (I did 100 a day for 3 weeks) and I feel like I should have went over more content by reading a review book like Saunders instead. I finished 100% of my kaplan q bank questions with an average of 63%. I did every q trainer except for q 7 and my grades were basically all 58%.

    I haven't done any content though, which worries me. A lot of my friends who took NCLEX already had EKG questions and SATA- which I feel like I know nothing about. I feel like I don't know any meds so now I am reading this ATI book trying to get content in and finish reading by Friday.

    Any words of wisdom that you all can offer me? Am I doing the right thing in preparation for NCLEX or should I just reschedule for another date? Is it okay that I am only NOW reviewing content with a review book?

    Thanks in advance...
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