Where and How to start studying for NCLEX-RN exam?

  1. i am planning to take the NCLEX-RN exam 3-4 months from now, my problem is that i've graduated 4 years ago and now i am lost, i don't know where and how to start reviewing for NCLEX-RN exam.

    taking Reviewer course online will help me? or i just need to study on my owns with the right materials?

    what are the materials/books i need for my review?

    i hope someone can help me.

    thank you fellow nurses
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  3. by   arclark
    If you graduated 4 years ago I HIGHLY recommend taking a review course...preferably one that's content heavy rather than strategy based...I graduated in July and I feel like I have forgotten some important concepts. I recommend the Hurst Review, it's $300 for the online and like $350 for live. Also I have found the LaCharity Prioritization book and Saunders to be extremely helpful. Do as many questions as possible just to get your mind back into NCLEX style questions! Good Luck to you!!

  4. by   turnforthenurse
    I would definitely take a review course because that will help. Get a good NCLEX book, too. I suggest Saunders or Pearson Prentice Hall. And do A LOT of practice questions!
  5. by   irishjerish
    thank you Ashley.
    i've read good reviews about Hurst. i'll enroll soon. thanks!
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    thanks turnforthenurseRN i need some pretty serious review. whew! thanks a lot
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  7. by   itk3838
    Highly recommend ATI course https://www.atitesting.com/Home.aspx. Hurst is word to word with a book!!! Kaplan Q-Bank is worth your money too, but not whole course!!! Try to read Kaplan Strategy book and practice with Q-bank questions.
  8. by   irishjerish
    thanks itk3838, ill get those