What to use for NCLEX prep?

  1. A couple days ago I posted about how I am currently a new grad. I am waiting for my ATT, but should be receiving it either tomorrow or Tuesday, at the latest.

    I have purchased UWorld to use as NCLEX prep, but was curious about what others have used. I am going to add a poll to this and please tell me whether you used: UWorld, Hurst, Kaplan, RN NCLEX app.

    I would love some input about NCLEX prep.

    Thank you so much guys.

    Xo Alex
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  2. Poll: What did you use for NCLEX prep?

    • UWorld

      50.00% 2
    • Hurst

      25.00% 1
    • Kaplan

      25.00% 1
    • Nclex RN app

      25.00% 1
    4 Votes / Multiple Choice
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