What to do if you are going to take NCLEX and have a disorder?

  1. I am going to be taking my NCLEX-RN exam in Iowa but I have epilepsy. My doctor filled out a form saying I need to take the exam long hand due to computers being one of the stimulants that give me grand mal seizures. Exactly who do I need to send my doctor's form to? Will I be able to take the exam long hand and not on a computer? If anyone can give me some information I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much.
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  3. by   Leda
    You need to request special accomodations from the Iowa Board of Nursing. This is detailed on the information concerning Initial Licensure by Examination for Graduates from Approved Schools of Nursing. http://www.state.ia.us/nursing/licen...licensure.html

    Read the paragraph headed "Special Testing Circumstances". This details how you request special accomodations.

    Best wishes for success on the NCLEX.