What do i need to access hurst review online

  1. Hi friends I would like to join hurst review on line please let me know what do I need to have inorder to access the material ? Can I print ? How long does it takes to finish the review?thanks
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  3. by   WarEagled
    If you have registered for it just log in with username and password, you don't need a code or anything.
    If you haven't registered you need to register and pay. If you paid for a live review you get online review access for 30 days--starting the day you log in and open up the online review.

    I think the videos add up to around 20 hours. However, you may pause and rewind the video to keep up which will make it take longer.

    You can take the Q review practice test 6 times. I like the practice test I think, haven't taken NCLEX yet.