What better works Saunders or Lippincot 3500

  1. HI all,

    I am going to begin to prepare for NCLEX RN exam and I wonder what better to review Saunders or Lippincot 3500 CD.

    Please any coments, Thanks
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    Did you use only Saunders? Because i saw Lippincot Q and they more harder and complicated than Saunders and on Exam i don't think that will be easy Q
  5. by   jmk1474
    Stay away from NCLEX 3500!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A complete waste of your time and money. There are so many errors in the disks that Lippincot reps came to my school because we complained so much. Saunders is excellent. The rationales are so clear. Someone told me to check out Davis- she said it was the best.
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