Was mentally ready for Nclex BUT>>>

  1. I failed the Nclex the first time due to lack of concentartion... 50 days later after studting so hard and preparing myself mentally for the exam today i was sent away because I forgot to re-new my license ****(*((*****)
    I have lost 200 bucks and have to re-shedule and repay 200 bucks.

    My questions is.. i feel as though My life is falling apart.. I'm stressed a mental mess and now i have to wait even longer to re-take the test. the sad part is i was menatlly ready for it and i felt that I was going to pass.

    What should i do to keep myself ready until a re-shedule the test. Should I continue to answer question (Although i can't answer any more because I'm all questioned out) or should i rest until i take the test again in 2 weeks..
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  3. by   CHATSDALE
    if you have two weeks to go before you retake, try and do some non-stresfull skimming...don't put yourself into a wound up mode..a lot can be said for relaxation