Wait time for NclexRN results in Calif?

  1. Does the wait time vary for nclex rn results in California?
    I know we don't have quick results. From other posts, it seems that the time frame varies. Does anyone know? Is it usually 48 hrs? Thanks:spin:
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  3. by   nurse1717
    can someone give me a quick answer? thanks.
  4. by   1hotrn
    I took my test August 13 in California and the website updated thru out the night August 16 , so it was up at about 530 in the morning when i found out but my license states August 15 . so the Calif BRN is about 24 hours behind , it all has to do with when they update which is in the wee hours of the night
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    Yes the time frame does differ with CA can be anything from 48 hours to a few weeks. They manually do it hence not taking part in quick results
  6. by   nurse1717
    ok thank you!