Undecided: Finding a good place to work as a nurserk

  1. Im currently undecided of what country I should pursue to work. Im a newly graduate nurse from the Philippines and Ive been always planning to work abroad since the situation we have here in our country is tough especially with the amount of salary of nurses. However, I cant still decide of which country I will prefer to work. Im torn between Germany and US. My cousins are currently working at Germany and my family were encouraging me to follow them. But I feel like it would give me a hard time in learning and adapting to their language. Ive been also eager to work in the US since I have also other relatives who were working there as a nurse. I think it would be sort of easy to adapt in the US since there may be no language barrier because they speak English. I would like to ask for your advices/opinions regarding this. Im really willing to hear your personal experiences. You can indicate the pros and cons on each of the countries in terms of the work of nurses, processing of documents and also the environment. Thank you!
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