uncertain if I passed or failed...

  1. Hi everyone just took my nclex-pn yesterday 10/26 and i'm not to sure if I passed or not. Some of the questions I had no clue what they were asking me. It first started off easy then it got hard then it went back and forth the computer shut off at around 110-115. Is there and way to find out whether you passed or not based on the type of questions they asked. And what is the passing score if there is any how many questions do you need to get right in order to pass? Or does the questions that they ask you have anything to do with your passing or not please help i'm worked.
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  3. by   Optimus1
    just took my nclex and feeling worried.... i stopped around the same amount of questions u did.... i just wanted to know if you passed..... good luck!
  4. by   HAPPY45
    i took nclex-pn on 3/29 , had 160 questions, am still waiting for results. i thought the 100 questions were easy, after that they became more difficult.